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About Yisenfu Precision Mold

Since its establishment, Dongguan Yisenfu Precision Mold Co., Ltd. has adhered to the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction", with quality as the goal of "exceeding customer expectations", and technology and service as the leadership. We provide customers with a comprehensive supply chain support, and cooperate with customers to solve the bottleneck of single and dual color injection molding, liquid silicone molding, and mold processing and production.
Main project: Injection molding with single and dual color molds; Silicone mold and hot pressing molding; Liquid silicone mold and liquid injection molding; Plastic and hardware liquid silicone waterproofing project.
Supporting process: surface treatment such as plastic spraying/printing; Surface treatment such as silicone spray oil/printing; UV modification and activation surface treatment of silicone surface.

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