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What are the characteristics of liquid silicone molds reflected in?

Liquid silicone is a relatively solid low-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is a liquid rubber with good mobility, fast vulcanization, more safety and environmental protection, and can meet food grade requirements. The production of liquid silicone cannot do without the help of liquid silicone molds. So, what are the characteristics of liquid silicone molds reflected in?

1. Shrinkage rate
The best-selling liquid silicone molds in the industry do not shrink in the mold during use, but they will shrink to a certain extent after demolding and cooling. As for the degree of shrinkage, it depends on the quality of the mold and the formula of the adhesive. However, from the perspective of the mold, the shrinkage rate may be influenced by the mold temperature, material, pressure inside the mold cavity, and subsequent compression of the rubber material. Liquid silicone molds can effectively improve this situation.
2. Parting line
Determining the position of the parting line is one of the first steps in designing a silicone rubber injection mold. The exhaust is mainly achieved through grooves located on the parting line, which must pass through the area that is reached after the injection of rubber material. This design of the liquid silicone mold helps to avoid internal bubbles and reduce strength loss at the bonding point.
3. Exhaust
With the injection of liquid silicone, the air trapped in the cavity of the liquid silicone mold is compressed when the mold is closed, and then discharged through the ventilation groove during the filling process. If the air cannot be completely discharged, it will be trapped in the adhesive material, which often causes some parts of the product to show white edges.
The above are the characteristics of liquid silicone molds, mainly reflected in the comprehensive treatment of the molds, which can affect the shrinkage rate, parting type, and exhaust of liquid silicone. Therefore, when producing liquid silicone, it is necessary to choose a suitable liquid silicone mold to ensure product quality.

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