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What factors can lead to unqualified silicone products produced?

The factors that affect the quality of silicone products include:
Some silicone product manufacturers do not undergo incoming inspection when using silicone products, especially for food and silicone keys, or use unqualified colored glue during the production process, which will lead to unqualified product hygiene inspections.

In addition, the production process does not require standardization. Food grade silicone products have very strict requirements for production process and product quality.
Some manufacturers neglect the quality of their products in order to complete them as soon as possible, resulting in insufficient time for processing after production. Material decomposition can also result in the product failing the test.

Another issue is that the secondary vulcanization of silicone products is not in place. For example, when silicone is vulcanized with peroxides, the decomposition of peroxides will trigger a material reaction, and then low molecular weight compounds will be stored in silicone, which will affect the performance of silicone products.

Finally, there are functional deficiencies. Many silicone seals and silicone decorative accessories require very important structure and hardness to support their functionality. Improper sealing and assembly of the product result in poor appearance and functionality. This factor requires silicone product manufacturers to cooperate with the actual function of the product during the initial stage of sampling, and only after passing the hardness and structural evaluation can mold production proceed.

The difference between low-quality silicone products and high-quality silicone products:
High quality silicone product factory furniture has a strong service life and adaptability. Under non artificial conditions, such as high, low, and unstable conditions, such as low temperatures of 200 degrees or oil pressure, ozone can also be used for a long time to maintain good service life and time, without deformation or insufficient tension during use. Inferior silicone products can also be used, but the difference between inferior products lies in the differences in raw materials and curing agents. Therefore, it is possible to determine the difference between high-quality and low-quality products in the same environment. Nowadays, many industrial electronic accessories have been replaced by silicone rubber products. Many manufacturers of silicone products use inferior raw materials for mass production, but have achieved certain results.

Regardless of whether the actual lifespan of silicone products is qualified or not, many products in the market have received feedback from consumers. The service life of the product is too short and extended. If the strength is too low, the product will become sticky. However, these materials are all made from silicone raw materials. In order to ensure the surface smoothness of the product and control the viscosity of silicone oil, excessive addition of silicone oil disrupts the composition of silicon atoms, leading to insufficient product extraction and shortened service life, making many products inferior in performance.

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