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What steps do liquid silicone rubber molding processes require

In the manufacturing process of injection molding, the main products of liquid silicone products are obvious. The traditional working process focuses on the pressure impact mixing process, which is mixed by a mechanical mixing method that combines the two components together.
The main steps involved in the liquid silicone rubber molding process here are:
1. The manufacturer of silicone rubber sealing rings introduces that uncured silicone is placed in a container, divided into compounds A and B, which are connected to the pumping system. The barrel holds the base forming material, and barrel B contains the catalyst. A Unit of measurement automatically releases two substances in a constant 1:1 ratio, as well as any pigment additive.
Liquid silicone product manufacturer
2. Injection molding can be programmed into: custom automatic injection molding machine and injection molding settings, providing corresponding lens sizes for each job. Template and piston, adjust and close the mold, have temperature, set pressure and customer specifications based on injection speed and cycle time.
3. After installation, the machine heats the mold to the appropriate temperature and applies the appropriate clamping force. The mold closes the fuel injector, pump, and supply of the matching machine. Inject the mechanism and push the material into the mold cavity.
4. A combination of heat and pressure is applied to the liquid silicone rubber curing material until it solidifies. During the completion cycle, the mold opens and some flickers, which can be automatically or deleted by a worker. Then, the mold closes and repeats the process.
5. Silicone sealing ring manufacturer introduces the liquid silicone rubber molding process: after removing the item from the mold, the post molding process may include flashing, post curing, inspection, and packaging.
The above is a description of the steps involved in the forming process of liquid silicone rubber products. I hope it can help you.

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