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Where are liquid silicone products used?

Silicone products have been integrated into various industries due to their high-quality performance, and their usage scenarios are very broad. From daily life to industrial accessories, products made of silicone material can be seen. In general, silicone products can be divided into two categories: daily necessities and industrial and agricultural accessories (non daily necessities).
1、 Common liquid silicone products for daily use
There are silicone tableware such as silicone mats, silicone bowls, silicone scrapers, silicone spoons, silicone molds, silicone water cups, etc; There are mother and baby products such as silicone gum, silicone saliva bags, and silicone food supplements; There are silicone accessories such as silicone watch straps, silicone bracelets, and silicone phone cases.
2、 Use in the industrial and agricultural industries
Liquid silicone products have more applications in industry and agriculture, with common silicone seals such as various types of sealing rings, gaskets, and plugs; There are also various silicone tube products. These are commonly used in mechanical manufacturing, agricultural production, and even medical treatment.
3、 Why can silicone materials be used in so many places?
1. Has good resistance to environmental and solvent properties;
2. Environmentally friendly silicone can be used as a medical grade for contact with the interior of the human body, etc;
3. Good pull-back elasticity, no deformation, no fading;
4. Good resistance to high and low temperatures, aging, and corona;
5. Excellent insulation effect, high density, and wide range of use;
6. Raw material blending is one of the processes used by silicone product manufacturers, which involves dissolving the raw materials into a vulcanizing agent through a mixing process, adding color glue, and then cutting them into pieces.

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